Etched Memories

Do you have a special photo of a family member or of a loved one who's now passed that you would like to recreate with songs, sound files of last words or special memories from times gone by. We can do that using engraving and place it in these special light up frames to give it that special touch. A unique gift that will bring a tear to your loved ones eyes.

Classes & Workshops

Classes, workshops and Events on Low tox living and ways to use your essential oils in everyday life and live more low tox.

About Us

Sam Noordijk

CEO and Director

Hi my name is Sam Noordijk and when I am not educating people and my team on the amazing benefits of essential oils, making amazing handmade personalised gifts and selling essential oil accessories I am running after my two gorgeous young boys and amazing husband.  

As both a wife and a mother I understand fully the importance of living as natural as possible and hence my passion for living chemical free. I will not only sell you 100% CTPG Dottera essential oils and products but teach you how to use them effectively and how to ditch the chemicals completely.  

When you are buying my handmade products you aren't just buying a product from my online store you are spending money on the time it takes to design, assemble and make your product by hand with love and care all while supporting small business.  Message us for your next handmade item or to buy your essential oils and get started on your essential oil journey today.


Dragonfly Oils and Accessories is located in Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast, Qld

We regularly run classes all over the Sunshine Coast. Check our Classes section or facebook page for events.

Send me an email/message and we are happy to answer your enquiries :)


Little Mountain

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9am - 5pm


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